Day three’s movie was another one that I didn’t see when it came out. This one isn’t my fault because I wasn’t even a year old when it was released. When I was growing up I watched other Christmas movies, some of which are on this very list, some of which were on previous lists. This movie doesn’t always make it on my yearly watch list for one simple reason and it may be heresy to some of you.  There are better movies out there. But that being said, it’s still good and there are millions of people who view this as a must watch, if not THE BEST Christmas movie of all time.

A Christmas Story is also a very polarizing movie. For everyone that loves it there are just as many people who hate it. People who won’t hesitate to speak up and talk crap about a cult classic. I like it and it’s a fun movie that really does help me get into the Christmas season. This is the movie I pull out every few years and watch with fond remembrance and then shelve it for a year or two because the list of Christmas movies I love is so big.

I know I’m not really doing a good job selling this movie, but I really need to? You already know your stance on it. If you’re playing along at home, you’ll watch this movie because it’s something fun to do. But if you’re one of the many that never fancied the film, then nothing I can say will change your mind. But let’s talk about the movie for a bit before I wrap this up.

It’s a classic and relatable story. We’ve all been Ralphie at one point in our lives, that is unless you were a Scut in which case you can go eff yourself up the aye. But for the rest of us we found the situations in this movie charming and, like I mentioned already, relatable. We all had that gift we’ve pined over. Our own versions of a Red Ryder air rifle. As for me you may remember the Christmas Nerd Talk from a year or two ago. It was a Lite Brite, which my fiancé was kind enough to buy me. I’m a 34 year old man with a Lite Brite in his room and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m hoping that this movie will remind you of the good old days. When you couldn’t sleep the night before Christmas because you were hoping and praying that one of the gifts under the tree was your version of the Red Ryder. I hope you got that gift and I hope when you watch this movie it brings a smile to your face. Happy day 3 of Billiam’s 12 Flicks of Christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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