Hey there movie lovers! You know what doesn’t get a lot of love during the holidays? Horror. Unless you’re Raz, your holiday movie list probably doesn’t comprise of very many scares. Until now…. kind of.

Back in 2015 a little known movie was released and it became a Christmas cult classic. It was directed by Michael Dougherty (Trick or Treat) and written by him as well. His other writing credits include X-Men 2Superman Returns, and he’s written the script for the upcoming Godzilla King of Monsters. My last two movies didn’t have much as far as star power went so I didn’t mention anyone. But this film had a few. Emjay Anthony (Chef), Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine), Conchata Ferrell (Two and a Half Men), and David Koechner (Anchorman).

You may have already heard about this film back when Raz talked about it (Find the link right here). If you’ve never heard of it, I completely understand. Some of you may not be fans of horror and that could be why it passed you by. I personally know people who can’t do the genre at all. But I would feel comfortable recommending this movie to them. It’s just as much a comedy as it is a horror and it’s full of the Christmas spirit which is exactly what we want out of a movie on this list.

It has a familiar plot when you boil it all down. A family forgets the meaning of Christmas and focuses on all the wrong things. Materialistic desires and rude family members ruin what should be a family centered holiday. So take that familiar plot and lets throw in a Slavic demon who punishes naughty children. Why not? But this time he’s not just after the children. Everyone who doesn’t have the holiday spirit is in danger.

While Krampus himself and some of his minions look scary(ish), this movie is anything but. It’s not a full on comedy either. This is a perfect amalgamation that turns into a completely unique holiday experience. This isn’t a horror Silent Night, Deadly Night or Jack Frost. This isn’t a comedy like Elf or Scrooged. This is a movie that I have a hard time finding a true comparison too and that’s why ever since it came out, it went on my yearly list.


What really makes a Christmas movie? It’s one part tradition (as some of the later movies on this list will show you) but it’s also a huge part setting and message. Does this movie have plenty of snow and seasonal decorations like lights and a tree? Check. Does this movie teach us a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas? Double check. Does this film make you laugh and smile and build a story around characters that you care about? Extra check.

Well let me wrap this up and you can start watching right away. This movie may not be an old classic, but as the years pass it sure will become on. It’s a fun movie from beginning to end that was well acted, well written, well shot, and well put together. A nice helping of practical effects keep this from being a cheap looking film. You can tie this all off with a nice little bow as one of the most unusual and most enjoyable movies on the list.

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