On November, 2nd 2010 the state of California entertained the Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act, also known as Proposition 19, at the ballot box.  If passed, the act would have legalized marijuana and relied on local governments to regulate the familiarly legislated stipulations, likened best to those of alcohol.  For better or worse, a majority of the people chose not to accept the terms of Prop 19 with a vote of 53.9% voting ‘No.’  Pure speculation as to how this act could possibly have failed range from conspiracy to closed minded bigotry. These mostly being cooked up by those disappointed by the act’s failure, some consider it more likely the act failed due to the unreasonable workplace protections for cannabis users or the inflated and biased projections of revenue to be produced in taxes.  Whatever the reasons for this act’s introduction to the garbage bin, supporters remain positive and look to the small margin of defeat as a huge leap in progress towards ‘their cause.’  In any case, the process used for Proposition 19 is a wonderful exhibition of constitutionally sound legislation as it disregards policy from most every federal agency in existence. The ATF, FDA, and IRS would all have to take issue with one aspect or another of its legalization, but California isn’t concerned with federal agencies.  They are concerned with constitutional right, and they have my applause.

Randall Spiess

During my incubation period, the world could barely withstand the strain as it shook with anticipation. My arrival was met with devastation to Mexico and Argentina via earthquake, Canada was ripped through by a swarm of tornadoes, and Hurricane Gloria mangled the east coast of North America. It was as though the elements were sounding the arrival of their king with all the vigor they could muster. Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?

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