Well, it’s Thursday and I felt like posting another cosplay interview this week.  I am sure you don’t mind.  Today our interview comes to us from Russia (with love) and features a very talented and beautiful cosplayer.  Her name is Okani and I predict that she will be a household name in the near future with the world of cosplay.  So sit back and enjoy my interview with Okani.

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Hello, I’m the most ordinary 18- year old girl from Russia . My name is Oksana Orlova , but friends call me Okani .This pseudonym I use normally in creativity.  I live in the city of Saratov , it is very cheerful and sunny town.  I’m not from here originally , but anyway I like this place.  I am in the midst of my first year of studying Industrial Design.  It’s complex , but very interesting .

2. How did you discover cosplay?

I’ve been watching the great and talented cosplayers ,which struck me by its resemblance to characters from the games and anime.
I always wanted to try it myself as a favorite character , and so I decided to go for it.

3. I really love your Sonya Blade cosplay. What made you want to cosplay her?

Even as a child I discovered the world of Mortal Kombat , my favorite character was Sonya Blade .
My friends often tell me that I’m look like her.  One day a friend of mine (also a cosplayer ) invited me to make a costume with her for characters from MK and I agreed.  This girl is named Zyunka , so I started my way of cosplayed with her.


4. What other genres do you cosplay?

Disney cartoons: Elsa Frozen, video games (MK: Sonya, Dota 2: Lanaya , Valkyrie Profile 2: Lidia) in movies (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Arwen) and even in comics (Miss Marvell) and anime (Miku)

5. Which is your favorite genre to cosplay?

I really do not have a favorite, each on them are  interesting.  At the moment I have more images of the gaming industry, but I do not stay at one place, trying myself in Disney and Marvel comics.

6. What is your favorite way to show off a new cosplay? 

Spreading photos in the Net, this is the easiest way to do it. Although I like to visit exhibitions dedicated Cosplay and computer games more, there people can see you “live” and may talk to somebody , it is much better and more interesting.


7. Do you do other modeling besides cosplay?

Yes, sometimes I work as a model, but it does not happen as often as I would like . Often I have offers of free cosplay photo-set , if I do characters, photographers I like.

8. What are your plans for the future?

Improve further and create new images in the world of cosplay.  I am telling you a secret, in the future you will see images from Skyrim , Mass Effect, World of Warcraft , and much more from me. :)

9. Where can my readers see more examples of your work?

Here are my contacts: / byokani / byokani / byokani 

10. If you had to pick one cosplay, which one is your favorite?

I think it is Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat.


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