As many of you NERDS already know, I am a big Punisher fan.  Well, when I heard that Marvel was doing a Marvel Now series starring the Punisher by the creative team of Edmondson and Gerads, I jumped for joy.  I was glad to see Frank get a title of his own once again.  The creative writing as well as the wonderful artwork is worthy of the Punisher.  The stories give Frank back the appeal he had when he first graced the pages of Spider-Man.

For you followers of Somewhatnerdy, you have seen me review issue one as well as write a post in a In Case You Missed It segment, but you do not know how important the Punisher titles are.  That is why I created this segment titled, Books Worth Reading.  I know some of you may think that I am biased since I am a Punisher fan, but Marvel Now’s the Punisher is a title that all comic book fans should be reading.  They are well written and drawn amazingly.

Let me catch you up with what has been going on.  Frank has left NYC to fight crime in L.A.  The first gang in his sites is the Dos Soles.  While fighting this L.A. street gang, Frank realizes they have connections.  What king of connection could a street gang have that would give Frank a little trouble?  Well, one connection is the terrorist group known as A.I.M. and the other connection is the villain known as Electro. If that wasn’t bad enough, he has a Special Ops group known as the Howling Commandos trying to kill him.  Intrigued?  Well, you should be.

So far, there has been 5 issues in this series and I give all of them a perfect rating of 11 out of 10 stars.  I have said it before but the writing of Nathan Edmondson is phenomenal and the artwork of Mitch Gerads is out of this world.  This creative team was destined to tell Frank’s story.  That is why the Punisher is a Book Worth Reading!

the-punisher-5-cover (2)

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