Time for another post about comics I think you should be reading.  Today’s focus I want to talk about the Marvel Now! title the Punisher.  I reviewed issue #1 when it came out as a comic review, but today I am going to spend my time telling you why you should start reading the Punisher if you haven’t already.  In order to do so, I need to tell you what has happened so far from issues #1-3.

As I mentioned before in my review of issue #1, Frank has left N.Y. for L.A.  What would make Frank move to the West Coast you ask, well simply but bad, bad, men.  He is on the trail of the Dos Soles gang that has left a trail of drugs, corruption and terror in their wake.  They have no remorse for anyone who gets in their way and this doesn’t sit well with Frank.  While frank is trying to cut the head off the snake, he realizes he may have stepped into something he wasn’t quite ready for.  Not only does he have to deal with the Dos Soles and their secret weapon, he has to contend with A.I.M.’s involvement as well as a military strike force known as the Howling Commandos.  So far, Frank hasn’t noticed the Howling Commandos involvement in this mess because they are only collecting Intel for now, which I am sure is a good thing because Frank has his hands full.  Did I mention that the Dos Soles gang’s  secret weapon is not a what but a who?  That who is none other than Electro and he is ready to take Frank of the list of people who stand in his way, but the Dos Soles want the Punisher alive…for now.

As I mentioned yesterday in my review of Moon Knight, the Marvel Now! movement has really stepped it up in my opinion.  They have given new life to some great characters without taking away what made them so special in the first place.  The creative team Edmondson and Gerads is a complete success.  The writing of Edmondson tells a story the way it should with such a powerful character  like Frank aka the Punisher and the artistic talents of Gerads is out of this world! If you are not on the band wagon yet, you need to get on before you are left behind.  So far, I strongly give the Punisher a rating of 11 out of 10.  Get your copies of #1-3 today and until next time, get your READ on!


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