Boy do I have a great interview for you today in our Cosplay Spotlight.  I had to go to the wonderful country of Brazil to find this beautiful and talented cosplayer. She goes by the name Brynhild Cosplay and she will soon become a household name as she should.  She puts so much passion in her cosplay and it shows.  So without further rambling, here is my interview with the amazing Brynhild Cosplay.

SWN: Who are you and where are you from?

BC: Hi! My name is Mirella Bertinatti and I’m from southern Brazil! =)

SWN: How did you discover cosplay?

BC: I made my first cosplay in 2008, when I discovered there were some anime conventions near my city where people dresses up as their favorite characters. I really love it, but in those times I used to do only one cosplay for year, just to wear on that convention. Back and forth I stayed some years without cosplaying, and from 2013 to now it became the most important thing in my life.

SWN: I really love your version of Harley Quinn, what made you want to cosplay her?

BC: I’m glad you liked, I want to cosplay more versions of her! I think Harley has such an interesting story, the psychiatrist who becomes crazy because of her mad love for another crazy, it’s funny! =) Besides she is a villain, I like her personality, her love for the animals and the excited way she does things! I always have much fun cosplaying Harley!


SWN: What other genres do you cosplay? Which genre is your favorite?

BC: Lately, most of my cosplays are from games or comics, because I am more connected to this universe, but I also cosplayed anime/manga characters. I don’t have a favorite genre, but I love armors, the more detailed, the better!

SWN: What is your favorite way to show off a new cosplay?

BC: I enjoy to show the work in progress on my page and debut the finished cosplay in a convention.Now, I’m also trying to show all stuff on my Patreon first!

SWN: If you had to pick one, which cosplay is your favorite?

BC: Barbarian from Diablo 3, I love that cosplay! It was my second armor costume and I studied every detail of that cosplay for months to finally start the project, which made me win many competitions. I am pretty proud of the result!


SWN: What was your first cosplay?

BC: My first cosplay was Lucy, from Elfen Lied!

SWN: Do you have any new cosplays that you are working on at this moment?

BC: Yes, I have many unfinished costumes to finish and many new projects. Now I’m working on a character from The Witcher 3!

SWN: Where can our readers see more of your work?
You can find me on my Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart and Patreon.

SWN: What advice do you have for “newbies” of the Cosplay scene?

BC: All you need to know is that cosplay is for fun and you can cosplay whoever you want in the way you want. In this path, there will be people who will encourage you to work on your projects and grow, and there you be fools who will try to depress you (don’t worry about these ones). Try to constantly learn new techniques and try to do everything by yourself. And the most important thing: have fun! =D


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