How is everyone doing on this wonderful Wednesday?  I am proud to announce that I have a lot of cosplay interviews coming your way.  Today we have an interview with a lovely cosplayer that goes by the name Burntbythesea Cosplay.  I m telling you, you are going to want to follow her on Facebook so you can see all of her upcoming costumes.  She is a very talented cosplayer and you will not be disappointed.  Nerds and Nerdettes,  I present unto you Burntbythesea Cosplay.

SWN: Who are you and where are you from?

BC: I’m Amanda, and I’m from Austin, Texas, although I’ve got roots in New Orleans!

SWN: How did you discover cosplay?

BC: I majored in costume design for theater, and I’ve always loved dressing up, and have ALWAYS loved fantasy, comics and adventure, so naturally, when I first found out about conventions, I just had to go and kick ass!


SWN: I really love your version of the Polaris. What made you stick to the classic version of Polaris?

BC: Thanks! It was a fairly simple cosplay option for me, as you can see, this costume resembles her original getup, but is actually from Uncanny X-men #476, as opposed to #49, I like it because it is classic looking, of course, but also gives Lorna a much more powerful look than the softer, original look. I’m a fan of her traditional “Blue Suit” look too, but I think my next cosplay with Lorna will be her Shi’Ar costume!

SWN: What genres do you cosplay? Which genre is your favorite?

BC: I generally cosplay super-hero characters, although… Other than Polaris, I’ve never actually done a hero, only villains! Generally, my favorite cosplays are the ones that I get to have a little creative license on!

SWN: What is your favorite way to show off a new cosplay?

BC: Take it to a con!! Ha ha, I have shown off some cosplays by just taking them to my photographer, but I really enjoy revealing them fully-finished at a convention.

SWN: I also have seen you do cosplays with the use of body-paint. How was that medium introduced into your arsenal of cosplay techniques?

BC: I met an artist and we started throwing ideas back and forth! Honestly, I’m hesitant to call my body-paint modeling “cosplay”. I do get to add elements such as makeup, props or a wig, but the painting itself is done by my fabulous artist friend Jason Lozano. I think the collaboration is what makes it cosplay, it is an art!

SWN: Do you prefer costume or body-paint?

BC: I think they are both different options for different times! For example, I don’t think I’d ever take (or be allowed to take) a full body-paint to a convention, so it’s hard to pick one over the other. Of course, if it’s winter, I will always pick a costume, ha!

SWN: If you had to pick one, which cosplay is your favorite?

BC: Boba Fett is my favorite character to cosplay, I could continue to do different versions of him forever, and not get bored!


SWN: It’s always good to meet fans of the Fett.  What was your first cosplay?

BC: My first cosplay was Poison Ivy, I did the DC Universe version, and I took her to Dragon Con on a whim and never stopped! I barely got any pictures of that cosplay, although I remember a lot being taken of me!!

SWN: Do you have any new cosplays that you are working on at this moment?

BC: Currently working on about 5 cosplays for Dragon con, one of them is an original piece, but I think my gender-bent Ares is going to be pretty bad ass!

SWN: Where can our readers see more of your work?

BC: I’m on Instagram @burntbytheseacosplay and on

SWN: Do you have any advice for those new to the world of cosplay?

BC: Cosplay is a tricky Mistress! Always do your research on the character, never go from just one photo or from memory. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of making something, went back and looked at my research and realized I was doing it wrong!! Also – make a budget and stick to it, which you run out of funds, get creative!

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