Pitting hero against villain, the player is set in a world where Lex Luthor and Superman do battle freely in public.  Battle which you may be able to join to help your chosen side, should you choose to be a beacon of hope or the darkness that wishes to snuff out all life. Many abilities exist in game, which enable the user to fully customize his character.  The gaming experience is further customized by several faction choices, each with their own mission paths. I don’t know about you, but I’m on the green team with my fellow ring slingers. Overall, it’s been in development for over five years now from Sony Online, and with the uproar created from all of the buzz and sneak peaks seen floating around the web, we can’t really blame people for wanting to sell their souls in order to get their hands on this game today.

Scheduled to release Oct. 2 , it was pushed back last month to an early 2011, which not only crushed the souls of many a fanboy, but I believe led to mass rioting (don’t quote me on that). The DCUO Facebook page has just posted a new video interview with Chris Cao (game director) and Jens Anderson (creative director) in which they answer a complete army of questions generated by their facebook fan base alone. I’m sure this settled no one’s anger for the release date postponement, but be sure to catch the video if you had any questions.  Nothing really new at all if you’ve been following the game, as i suggest you do, seeing how this is building up to be the mother of all MMORPG’s. Just more of a tease for a game that may or may not be coming out some time early 2011, here is the link to the video DCUO in the studio ep9 . You can check out all the old DCUO videos and news Here . If it turns out as good as it looks, our social lives will surely die a fantastic death along with also forgetting what the sun looks like. I’ll start holding my breath now for an early release, though. We’ll keep you posted as we gather more news on the story.

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