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Greetings my fellow lovers of comics,

Are you ready for your latest fix?  Well, tomorrow is New Comic Book Day so let’s see what the universe has to offer.

DC Comics:

Batman Arkham Knight #1

Batman Beyond Justice Lords Beyond TP

Detective Comics Endgame #1 (One-Shot)


Altered States : Red Sonja (One-Shot)


Southern Cross #1

Spawn Resurrection #1 Cvr A Jonboy

(the return of Al Simmons)

The Walking Dead #138 (MR)


Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 Special

Avengers Quicksilver TP

Deadpool (2012-) #43

Guardians Team-up #2

Howard the Duck #1

Star Wars (2015-) #3

Thor (2014-) #6

This week isn’t a very big week, but what issues are out make up for it with big story lines.  I myself and looking forward to reading Spawn Resurrection and seeing exactly where the new writers are going to be taking Al in his return as Spawn.  Until next time, get your READ on!

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