Man ,this is one jam packed week of excitement!  Not only is the 2017 San Diego Comic Con in session, but we have major news in the comic industry on what to expect in October.  There are some killer titles coming out in October, but let’s focus on the new astonishing comics that are coming out this week.


Bill & Ted Save the Universe #2

Sisters of Sorrow #1 (MR)

Dark Horse

Aliens Dead Orbit #3

DC Comics

Aquaman #26

Batman #27

Batman 66 Meets the Legion of Super Heroes #1

Elseworlds Justice League (2011- ) Vol. 2 TP

Green Lanterns #27


Rom vs. Transformers Shining Armor #1 Cvr A Milne


Lazarus X Plus 66 #1 (of 6) (MR)


Astonishing X-Men #1

Daredevil (2015-) #24

Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe Again #2

Doctor Strange (2015-) #23 Se

Secret Empire (2017-) #6 (of 9)

Secret Empire: Brave New World (2017) #4 (of 5) Se

Star Wars Poe Dameron #17

Star Wars: Darth Maul (2017-) #5 (of 5)

X-Men: Gold (2017-) #8

Well, that sums it up for this week.  I hope you saw something you liked.  Until next time, get your READ on!

{Comic Cover of the Week}

Aquaman #26

DC Comics

Cover Art by Stjepan Sejic

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