How has your week been?  Mine just got better since it is New Comic Book Day.  Let’s see what goodies came out today.


Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #1

Dark Horse

Halo Rise of Atriox #2

DC Comics

Batman #31

Batman the Red Death #1

Superman #31

Wonder Woman Conan #1


Samurai Jack Quantum Jack #1 (of 5)

Star Wars Adventures #2


Journey To Star Wars Last Jedi Capt Phasma #2 (of 4)

Star Wars Annual #3

Star Wars Poe Dameron #19

Venomverse #3 (of 5)

This week’s list may be short and sweet, but it definitely packs a punch!

Until next time, get your READ on!

Cover of the Week

Superman #31 (2017)

DC Comics

Cover Art by Ryan Sook

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