Episode 31 of “Nerds of the Squared Circle” podcast for the week of 7/2/17. We talk about the new Netflix show GLOW, NJPW’s G1, Raw, Smackdown and give our predictions for the Great Balls of Fire PPV.



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One thought on “Ep. 31 – Great Balls of Fire Predictions – Nerds Of The Squared Circle

  1. Picks for Great Balls Of Fire:
    Big Cass
    Neville / too good with the belt
    Banks / will be a DQ Bliss will retain
    The Miz / I think the Miz will actually pull of a some what clean win
    Seth / Just got put on the cover. He is going straight to the top
    Hardy Boyz / I think Sheamus is working on a Movie so Ship it to the Hardyz
    Strowman / becuase its GBOF and not a bigger Pay Per View
    Joe / with Seth beating Wyatt he already has beef with Joe Lets make it a Sumerslam PPV

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