Facebook, also known as the monster of social networking, now incorporates e-mail into its already plentiful avenues of online communication.  This, on top of Short Messaging Service(SMS), Facebook Chat and Messages, seemingly makes the site all you’ll ever need for quick correspondence with friends and family; however, for transferal of information from hand to hand, you’re still going to want to hold on to that gmail account.  Some ways Facebook’s e-mail service differs from our existing email accounts are the configuration of message history and capabilities of data sharing.  @Facebook.com accounts will store conversations in one constant thread of messages from each separate email address, meaning all messages from one email will be viewed in one stream as one conversation causing separate subjects to be meaningless.  For business usage, you may want to save your other email address to keep messages organized by subject matter separately in chronological order as well as maintain the ability to send your excel spreadsheets and other Office documents.  In truth, this service will probably be blocked at work, anyway.  All in all, this new addition is designed for quick communication between friends making it a great tool in our endeavors to stay in touch both quick and to the point.