Only 2 more days until we are blessed to see the Guardians release.  I understand in some cities there will be midnight showings and so forth, but you get my drift.  Anyway, I promised a week’s worth of Guardians related posts and I am a man of my word.  I know I am cutting close today, but hey I had to work so better late than never.

For today’s post , I am going to briefly tell you my thoughts on the first issue of the Legendary Star Lord.  I have always been a Star Lord fan and when I saw he was going to get a solo series, I was beyond excited.  After reading issue #1, I am a very happy camper. The writing of Sam Humphries is brilliant and when you add the artwork of Paco Medina, you get a comic that will live forever in the hearts of fans everywhere.  The book lives up to the title, Legendary.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Rocket Raccoon issue and I told you a lot about the story, but I am not going to do that with the Legendary Star Lord.  All I will say is that in this issue, there are flashbacks, aliens (of course), a newly discovered family member, an appearance from Kitty Pryde, and some great scenes with Peter Quill and his Element Gun.  All of that is in the very first issue, I mean they didn’t hold anything back for this debut.

I give this issue a Galactic Rating of 12 out of 10.  If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and do so now.  Until next time, get your READ on!  Let’s finish this post with the variant cover for issue #1 by Skottie Young.


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