I am really excited about today’s interview!  I first saw Freddie’s cosplay as Lady Death and knew I had to interview her.  After we started the interview process, she became really popular really fast due to her cosplay as Venom with the help of Superhero Photography by Adam Jay.  So I know you will really dig this interview.  I know I did.  Without any further delay, her is my interview with Freddie Nova.

1) Who are you and where are you from?

Freddie Nova from the Great Northeast

 2) How did you discover cosplay?

Been reading comics for last 16yrs & I’m crafty so started with Halloweens way back in the day & after attending a couple Cons sans costume, I thought I’d give making them a try & got HOOKED big time. It’s a hobby that stems from something I’m passionate & obsessed with plus others genuinely appreciate it too…what is not to love about costuming!

3) I really love your Venom cosplay. What made you choose that character?

Ah, the notorious yet vastly loved Venom, I made a spontaneous decision after seeing Superhero Photography by Adam Jay post that he was leaving Miami for England soon & offered if any costumers wanted to shoot. I don’t know what made me do it honestly, but I found plane tix & shot down there. I had just friended Carlos Blanchard from Rage Custom Creations at Philly Con in June (as well as Adam Jay) & he said I have a surprise costume shoot for you. Behold Venom! I’ll take credit for the posing, expression & patience for hours of transformation into a walking black condom but the rest was all Carlos & Adam

4) What are your thoughts on the “controversy” surrounding your Venom?

As much as I would love to truly speak my mind about the Venom “banning” controversy, it solves nothing. What’s done is done, haters gonna hate. Somebody got jealous & envious…period. AND IT WAS GREAT! Cause the images that had already received 15,000 likes with shares topping 5000 in 1st 24hrs, the flagging & banning blew it all over the web as it became a Super hot topic & fans of true art showed their outrage by loading it to their own pages & sharing from there, it was very touching.

5) What other genres do you cosplay?

I mostly stick to comics, but i’ve done a few scifi & 80s Nostalgia I call it such as Lady Skeletor, GI Joe, Rainbow Brite etc…

6) Do you go to conventions to show off your cosplay or do you do photo shoots only?

I go to up to 12 conventions a year, it’s my “ME” time, I have a ridiculous amount of fun at Cons. Photoshoots just help for capturing the detail in the craftmanship of the costumes.

7) Do you do other modeling besides cosplay?

Well…technically yes. But pretty much just with Photogs I’ve already worked & am comfortable with & not often. I mainly stick to Comicbook & Fantasy oriented shoots.

8) What are your plans for the future?

Well my future’s always been pretty solid, I’ve owned a Petcare business for last 9 1/2 years that funds my nerdy shenanigans. I will most likely cut down a lil on conventions & focus more on making Nostalgic Jewelery & accessories & hopefully that will keep my costume closet from exploding.

9) Where can my readers see more examples of your work?

I’m just on Facebook with a personal page I would prefer not get congested. I’ve been avoiding the whole “fan page” thing cause it just seems narcissistic to me. So instead I set all my Costume & Convention albums to Public view, HOWEVER, due to the Venom flagging everything is temporarily set to private to protect my page. Which really sucks but hopefully things can be back to normal soon.

10) If you had to pick one cosplay, which one is your favorite?

Hands down…LADY DEATH! I’ve done multiple variations of her starting 13 years ago

To see more of Freddie’s pictures, just check out my tumblr, twitter, FB, and blog within the next few days.





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