It is time for another pulse pounding interview with a very talented cosplayer.  It has been a while since I posted an interview with a cosplayer, so I knew I had to make this one special.  I believe I achieved that goal.  Today’s interviewee is a very talented cosplayer named Iris Afasia Cosplay.  Do yourself a favor and check out her link to see her amazing cosplay portfolio after reading this interview.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy our interview with the lovely and talented Iris Afasia Cosplay.

 1. Who are you and where are you from?

Hi I’m Iris Afasia and I’m from Rome

2. How did you discover cosplay?

Since I was I child I loved the comics and videogames world, furthermore I’ve always loved acting and build objects. So I put together all my passions and it came out in the cosplay.

 3. I really love your Raven cosplay. What made you want to cosplay that character?

The attraction to this character made me want to cosplay it. At first sight the mystical character, dark and mysterious, intigued me. Knowing better Raven, she fascinated me especially for her perpetual state of limbo between good and evil. She is almost always in perfect balance between the demonic and the angelic sides of her soul, that in reality is a metaphor of what exists in the soul of every human being. To describe Raven I wrote one sentence: “the difference between good and evil lies in mastering their emotions”. What I want convey about her, and through her, is the concept that evil is an integral part of our soul and can sometimes be out of our control but, if you want, you can always do the good, to us and to others.


4. I also love your take on Typhoid Mary. She has always been one of my favorite characters. What made you want to cosplay her?

Typhoid Mary is absolutely my favorite character, the one that struck me most, so is so difficult for me to say what made me to cosplay her. On the surface I could say that I enjoy a lot interpret her embodying her three personalities, especially at the comic conventions, by changing often expressions and manners. Personally I could say that I feel close to her. For the ingenuity of Mary Alice Walker, for the free spirit and madness of Typhoid and the sense of loss mixed with an “odi et amo” towards those who had hurt her. Obviously Typhoid Mary leads to exasperation every personality of her, so do not worry, I do not go around killing anyone! LOL


5. What other characters have you cosplayed?

Is only a year and a half that I do cosplay .. but are already a lot! So if you are ready I’ll list them all cataloging them by name – series – version .. 3.. 2.. 1.. go!

Poison Ivy – Batman – Comics, Poison Ivy – Batman – Cartoon, Psylocke – X-Men – Crimson Dawn Version, Psylocke – X-Men -Comics with psychic blade and sword, Psylocke – X-Force – Uncanny X-Force, Kitana – Mortal Kombat- MK Shaolin Monks, Kitana – Mortal Kombat – Mortal Kombat 2, Typhoid Mary – Daredevil – From Daredevil vol.1, Typhoid Mary – Devil e Hulk – Maleev Version, Raven – DC – Teen Titans, Raven – DC – Comics, Talia Al Ghul – Batman – Elseworld’s Finest, Talia Al Ghul – Batman – Cartoon Version, Red Jackye – Original from Batman – Post Arkham City, Lara Croft – Tomb Raider – Legend Outfit, Mary Jane – Spider-Man – Comics, Ibuki -Tekken -Tekken 4, Silk Spectre – Watchmen – Film, Assassin Jane – Online Game – Fanart Version, Black Widow – Marvel – Comics, Black Cat – Marvel – Comics, Domino – Marvel – Comics, Chrome Dokuro – Reborn! – Manga, Medama-Oyaji – GeGeGe no Kitar? – Anime, Fujiko Mine – Lupin – Anime, Ekatomb – Original for LARP – Assassin and Druid pg, Morrigan – Dragon Age – Dragon Age, Origins Katarina – LOL – Mercenary Version, Katarina – LOL – Classic Version, Harley Quinn – Batman – Arkham City, and Selene – Underworld – Evolution

6. What is your favorite moment from your life as a cosplayer?

My habit is to never wear all the cosplay before a convention or a set, to feel myself in tune with the spirit of the character, not whit his appearance. I see the cosplay for the first time when the photographers publish the first pictures of the event/set. And every time the best moment is when you can say: “what the hell, I did it!”


7. Do you have a favorite con that you attend every year?

Yes I have, Lucca Comics, in Italy

8. What are your plans for the future?

Nothing in particular, I only want to improve more and more and to spread my thoughts on cosplay as many people as possible

9. Where can my readers see more examples of your work?

In my cosplay page, www.facebook.com/IrisAfasiaCosplay :)

10 What does it means for you cosplay?

I cosplay to act, to put in the characters that I love some of mine. I do not do this in order to take attentions, is just art for art’s sake, ’cause for me to be cosplayer means get in the game, try to get as much as possible in the mind and body of the character that I love, being able to highlight a part of me in the character itself .. is almost an honor to be that character and be able to give your own personal touch. In the reality of everyday life, where the monotony inevitably turns into degradation, there are still who have enough imagination to escape reality and make dreams and the colors of worlds so different from ours come true.


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