Its that time again fellow Nerds, time to let you in the minds of some of the world’s best cosplayers.  This time we have a treat all the way from Argentina.  She is a very talented cosplayer as well as a beautiful person all together.  Her name is Kitty Honey and know it is time for you to enjoy the interview.

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Hi, I’m from Argentina. My cosplayer name is Kitty Honey. Kitty Honey is a play on words with Cutey Honey which I consider the most beautiful and lovely female character in anime series and as cosplayer I love the character because she changes her appearance constantly and that’s cosplay for me.   I love sci fi classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Twilight Zone, I specially love that show.

2. How did you discover cosplay?

 It was like 5 or 6 years ago, when I saw a cosplay contest in a comics and manga magazine, I’ ve seen cosplayers and I got a little keen on it, and I thought that it would be nice to portrait one of the sailors of Sailor Moon that was a show I really liked when I was a child and when I saw in a local con that people where cosplaying

I always been interested in fantasy characters from comics, cartoons, anime, movies, etc, and the possibility of being someone else, like when you’re a kid and put on costumes. When I was a child it was usual for me that in my birthday parties I used to wear costumes (like a Strawberry Shortcake one I wore when I was 4 years old) Cosplay gave me that possibility to play being someone else and changing my look. That’s why there’s an anime character I deeply love, Cutey Honey from Go Nagai. She can transform in multiple appearances and looks, she can be a photographer, a model, a biker chick, etc and that’s very “similar” to cosplaying and my cosplayer name is some sort of play on words with that character (Kitty Honey) and I feel like her when I do cosplay, I can be blond, brunette, I can be a superheroine, a princess, a schoolgirl, a warrior and that’s just awesome.

3. I really love your Ms. Marvel cosplay. What made you choose her?

 She’s a strong girl, I really like her powers and abilities and all the development to the character through the years. She’s a very strong superwoman but she’s vulnerable. She got trough a lot of stuff like addictions and all that, and I think that’s something you can feel related to in some way. And of course, her look is awesome.

4. Have you cosplayed other comic characters?

Yes, I also cosplayed Black Canary, Rogue, Silk Spectre II, Phoenix among others. I still have to do some photoshoots for them and I have some I didn’t “release” yet such as Psylocke, but I didn’t finish it yet. 5. What other genres do you cosplay? Anime, Manga, Movies, Sci Fi, Videogames, I’m a really open minded cosplayer.

6. Do you go to conventions to show off your cosplay or do you do photo shoots only?

 I do both of them, shoots and I attend conventions regularly.

7. Do you do other modeling besides cosplay?

 I’m starting to do some modelling, very soon I will publish some of this. I like alternative modelling like latex, fetish and pinup modelling.

 8. What are your plans for the future?

 I’m currently studying at university, I’m going to graduate in a year (more or less) and cosplaying is a hobby for me. I know that some people live from cosplay, getting paid for cosplay and attend conventions, and live from that, but for me as I said, is a hobby

9. Where can my readers see more examples of your work?

 You can also follow my cosplays in this sites:

FB Page:

World Cosplay:



 10. If you had to pick one cosplay, which one is your favorite?

I can name 2, but they all make me proud. Those 2 that are outstanding for me are Rogue and Phoenix from X-men, they are also the ones I love most. Casually both are from X-men. After portraying Phoenix, a lot of positive things happened to me as a cosplayer, that include a promotional poster for an event in my country, being chosed between the top cosplayers of my country by a local webpage and the people still telling me that their favorite cosplay of mine is Phoenix. And some new are coming.  

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