Well now, number 10 in the series, WOW! It’s amazing how some characters can just keep going and going. By now it’s hard to think that the 1st film in the franchise was supposed to be a stand alone film.

Jason has been caught by the U.S. government who want to do tests on him but it doesn’t work out. Jason is shoved in-to cryogenic freezing but not before he manages to stab the woman who’s been doing these tests, through the cryogenic chamber, freezing them both.

The year is now 2455 and Jason & his victim have been discovered and brought back to life through the technological advances of the future. Yes this film sets Jason in the future and in space.

The technological advances also make Jason stronger, so we get a futuristic Jason as-well. It’s the most bad-ass Jason we get in the series and by God is he bad-ass!!!

If it’s Horror you’re looking for then this is not the film for you, if it’s pure entertainment and some awesome kills your after then this is the film for you. Kane Hodder was the PERFECT Jason for this film, he has Jason down to a tee!

The film does have one of the best kills in the series, who can forget the frozen face smashing death. It also features one of my favorite Jason moments, when they are trying to confuse him and put him in a computerized situation of Crystal Lake with 2 horny teenage girls, he then proceeds to recreate the sleeping bag kill from part 7.

I will be honest, when I first saw this film I was very disappointed and bored, but my expectations were way too high, over the years it has become one of my favorites, you just can’t help but warm to this film, it’s so bad it’s good.

The film also has the highest body count of the franchise (28) which makes for a-lot of fun. The whole film is fun, just don’t get high expectations like I did.

Like I said earlier if it’s Horror & scares you’re looking for then this is not the film for you, but for pure entertainment you just can’t beat it!

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

The space debris floating in space has “Cunningham Reality” written on the side. This is a reference to the name of producer Noel Cunningham the son of executive producer and maker of the original Friday The 13th, Sean. S. Cunningham

Screenwriter Todd Farmer based much of the film on Alien, even naming one of the characters (whom he also played) Dallas, after Tom Skerritt’s character in the Ridley Scott film.

The name “Tiamat” comes from Babylonian mythology. She is a dragon/goddess of the sea, who was slain by the god Marduk who then formed the land from her carcass.

Brodski mentioned a gun while the soldiers were suiting up called the “BFG”. This sci-fi gun is well known to players of the PC games Doom & Quake ll as the most powerful weapon. “BFG” is an acronym for “Bio Force Gun” or “Big Fucking Gun”, as some called it.

Jason Voorhees’ eyes never blink when they are shown.

The music played during Jason’s first look at the virtual reality Camp Crystal Lake is the same musical score as the one in Friday The 13th Part 2

The name of the primary ship in the film is the “Grendel” which is the name of a monster in the Old English poem “Beowulf”. Grendel was a direct descendant of Cain from the Book of Genesis, a monster described as half-troll, half-ogre. Like Jason, Grendel rose from a lake in search of victims and seemingly could not be killed. Also, in their fight, Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off, and in the movie, when Kay-Em shoots up Jason, the first thing he loses is his arm.

In the scene where Dallas is smashed against the wall by Jason, the stuntman who did this actually broke his nose.

When Stony opens the door and gets stabbed and his blood sprays in Kinsa’s face, she screams. According to the audio commentary, the effects guys weren’t supposed to spray the blood into her face. She was screaming not because she just saw her boyfriend die, but because the fake blood was burning her eyes

The “virtual ’80s” scene was originally meant to be much more detailed, including a number of topless women playing volleyball. One idea even included the appearance of Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother, and even went so far as to have Jason attack her, showing the extent of just how evil he had become. The latter idea was dropped.

The first film in the Friday the 13th series to rely on digital effects for death and gore shots.

Jason murders 28 people, more than any of the other Friday the 13th movies.

The film only suffered a couple seconds of cuts/alterations to earn an “R” rating, making it the least censored entry in the entire ‘Friday the 13th’ series.

The character Adrienne is a reference to Adrienne King, who played Alice Hardy in Friday The 13th Parts 1 & 2

Jason X is the first Friday the 13th film to be rated ’15’ in the UK. Although Friday the 13th parts 2,3 & 6 were originally rated ’18’ they were altered to ’15’, part 6 in 2002 and parts 2 & 3 in 2008.

Betsy Palmer was doing a play in Toronto at the time Jason X was filming. According to Palmer, one of the producers contacted her about possibly reprising her role as Pamela Vorhees. They did not come to an agreement, and the character was not included in the film.

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