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How the hell have you been?  As you know I have been off the grid for a little while but I am back and with a vengeance baby!  I figured the best way to kick off my return would be to share a kick ass interview with a kick ass gal.  The interview I have for you today is with a very successful alt model/cosplayer/fire dancer/actress/whatever the hell she wants to be.  Her name is Emily Åström and she is out of this world!  I first came across her modeling skills with her Domino cosplay for the site Geek Goddess (NSFW) on their tumblr page (again NSFW).  I then did my research and found her contact information and she happily agreed to this interview.  So, enough from me, let’s hear from the lady herself.  Ladies and Gentlemen, my interview with Emily Åström.

SWN:  Who are you and where are you from?

EA: Emily Åström – Fort Lauderdale, FL

SWN: It is a well-known fact that you are a very successful alt model, when did you get your start?

EA: I began informally in 2009 (1-2 shoots a year) but I didn’t really take it seriously until 2014, when I really began shooting regularly.

SWN: I also understand that you are a fire dancer, how did this passion arise in you?

EA: In 2012 I saw Yusura Circus, a very talented Japanese performer, at a Montreal fetish event with a fire whip. I remember thinking it was one of my most beautiful and awe-inducing things I’d seen in a long time. After discovering that fire dancing had a lot in common with martial arts (I have a background as a teacher) I found the transition to be more natural.

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SWN: Which do you prefer, modeling or cosplay?

EA: Modeling (unless I’m cosplaying an OC) because it allows me to create more unique looks and be more creative. Cosplay is fun, but I also like creating completely new ideas of my own from scratch.

SWN: I noticed you have cosplayed characters from both Star Trek and Star Wars; do you have a favorite out of the two franchises?

EA: Star Trek


SWN: Besides modeling, where else could our readers have seen you?

EA: Performing! And in Troma movies.

SWN:  We love Troma films here at SWN! When you are not working, what hobbies do you have to help you relax?

EA: I make jewelry out of teeth and enjoy traveling, as well as practicing martial arts, watching horror movies, and gaming.

SWN: What other projects can we expect from you in the future?

EA: I’m making clips, doing an experimental film, starting a membership site, and writing a book. I keep myself very busy.

SWN:  We would love to get a copy of the book.  Please let us know when it is ready for release.  Do you have a favorite project that you have worked on, if so what is it?

EA: My performances are my baby ?

SWN: Where can our readers see more examples of your work?

EA: My website and of course in-person at my shows!







SWN: If you were not modeling or performing, what would you be doing for a career?

EA: I would be in the psychology field.

SWN: Do you have any advice for newcomers to the modeling world?

EA: Always bring an escort and never pay a photographer. You don’t need an agent.

SWN: If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

EA: Bianca Beauchamp- she’s the top in the business for a reason.


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