MC Lars was inspired to lay down some lyrical flow in Nerdcore fashion by the Shakespearean Tragedy, Hamlet. The song is a quick outline with some quotes, paraphrases and plenty of references to the play to laughter evoking effect, much like the town fool gravediggers; however, true to the original, this work does not end well for any parties involved(except for MC Lars, as he is making bank off this song.)

Randall Spiess

During my incubation period, the world could barely withstand the strain as it shook with anticipation. My arrival was met with devastation to Mexico and Argentina via earthquake, Canada was ripped through by a swarm of tornadoes, and Hurricane Gloria mangled the east coast of North America. It was as though the elements were sounding the arrival of their king with all the vigor they could muster. Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?