Rumors have been floating around that is soon to be sold off, because of its hemorrhaging funds due to corporate collapse and in-fighting.  Though evidence supporting this has yet to surface, there was a rash of resignations and firings within‘s corporate office. It was also discovered that has been ‘donating’ your personal information to companies since March for the purposes of repackaging and distribution to any research foundations interested.  In truth, this is a harmless measure to make a little extra money and help them through tough times. They are not the only ones to do this, either. Twitter, Facebook, and several other sites have packages available @ Examples of information being sold off are user playlists, mood updates, photos, blogs, names, and zip codes. claims their repackaging techniques protect the users of these sites from any privacy issues, but this perspective ignores the fact that these social networking sites have taken liberty with your personal information and sets a dangerous precedent for users of the sites.  This could feed popularity for new Peer-2-Peer networking sites, in which users retain all rights to their information.  A newly resurrected Limewire could see a lot of attention as they have just released their Pirate Edition V5.6.2, which can be downloaded

Randall Spiess

During my incubation period, the world could barely withstand the strain as it shook with anticipation. My arrival was met with devastation to Mexico and Argentina via earthquake, Canada was ripped through by a swarm of tornadoes, and Hurricane Gloria mangled the east coast of North America. It was as though the elements were sounding the arrival of their king with all the vigor they could muster. Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?