Merry Christmas Nerds! It’s time for yet another Nerd Talk with the SomewhatNerdy crew and yes, this one is Christmas themed. We had a couple ideas bouncing around our collective noggins and we decided on one that’s a bit different, but still full of nerdy goodness. This time around our topic is our nerdiest Christmas gift and we have good ones for you. We have comics, toys, and homemade gifts that never fail to make us smile. I hope you all get everything you want for Christmas and I hope all of your gifts are at least SomewhatNerdy.


The nerdiest Christmas present I’ve ever received? Well admittedly I’ve received some very nerdy pressies over the years but when I really think about it there’s only one answer for this. The nerdiest Christmas present I’ve ever received has got to be when I was given the KISS Marvel Super Special comics about four years ago, it was my holy grail , I’d been after these for many years and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was (there were tears). I chose this because really, what’s more nerdy than comics, KISS and collectables all in one present?!

On another note, I hope all you nerds out there have a great Christmas and I hope you all receive some nerdy presents!



Hmmmm, What is my favorite/nerdiest gift I ever received for Christmas?  One could say some sort of technology like a gaming system or computer.  One could always say science fiction toys from a galaxy far, far away but I am going to say my Generation 1 Autobot PERCEPTOR transformer.  It was a robot that transformed into a microscope and I loved it.  At the same time, my brother had a real microscope so I would go around the house acting like I was on the verge of scientific discoveries.  Hell, I even remember acting like I was  Bruce Banner doing experiments to cure the rage within.

Sure, Perceptor was a toy soldier of the Autobot Army, but since he transformed into a decent sized microscope, he was the perfect toy to role play with.  I took him everywhere.  In fact, my fascination with Science started with Perceptor and our many adventures as Bruce Banner.  In case you can’t tell, I went through a Hulk phase.  Hell, I am still going through that phase, lol.  So, yes, Perceptor is the top of my list of NERDiest Christmas gift.

Until next time, unleash your inner NERD!


I’ve received a lot of nerdy gifts. Like Derf mentioned, this includes a lot of computer stuff, video games, book, and other such goodies. My family, my fiance, my friends, they’ve all given me nerdy gifts at one point and I’ve loved each and every one of them. But the nerdiest gift, the one that I see every day, was one made by a friend of mine. 

Back when I still hung out with my old group of friends. Before things came between us. We had a Secret Santa deal among ourselves and one year I got the coolest gift ever. One that still hangs on my wall to this day.

My favorite show is Stargate SG-1 and many people know that. Some of you may even know that from previous Nerd Talks or you’ve heard me mention it on Future Flicks with Billiam. The guy who got me for that year’s Secret Santa knew that and he was also a fan of the show so he decided to make me a gift and I couldn’t have been happier. As you can see in the picture below, he got patches for both SG-1 and Atlantis and put it all together. This hangs right by my bedroom door so I see it everyday when I leave. It’s by far the nerdiest gift I’ve ever received and one of my favorites of all time.


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