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Forgotten tv shows, I can think of a few but one I think deserves more recognition is “The Lone Gunmen”. As a HUGE “X-Files” fan I absolutely loved these characters and to see them getting their own series was exciting, unfortunately we only got one season, just 13 episodes, but that’s better than nothing. Those 13 episodes were filled with some great comedic moments and very character driven stories, the stories themselves are the usual conspiracy stories you were used to from the group but to see them get involved and in action was highly entertaining.

I’m not usually a fan of these spin-off shows but “The Lone Gunmen” were always welcomed with a big smile when they popped up on “The X-Files” and as a fan favorite (with me included) this show had high expectations. If you were a fan of the “The X-Files” then I’m sure you enjoyed this as much as I did, unfortunately, it was aimed at a specific demographic and thus had poor ratings so was swiftly canceled. Fortunately, I have the boxset and I still watch it regularly, I feel if it had a chance to spread its wings it could have been a hit and grabbed a wider audience but like many other TV companies, they just didn’t have the patience for it.



I wanted to do Airwolf again (See the Nerd Talk from Feb 25th, 2015 HERE). It’d be an easy pick because I’ve only met a handful of people who even know about the show. But I wanted to talk about something new. I also noticed that we didn’t specify if it had to be live action or not so I’m going back 23 years ago to 1994 and a show called…

Reboot was a show that took place inside a computer and follows Bob who helps protect Mainframe, the computer city he lives in, from the User. The User installs a game onto the computer and Bob goes into the game and battles the User. If Bob wins, the area is saved. If he loses the area is lost and it’s inhabitants are nullified. That wasn’t the only threat as Megabyte and Hexadecimal were sibling viruses who wanted to destroy Mainframe.

Reboot was a fantastic show that lasted 3 seasons and 48 episodes with 3 movies that unfortunately ended on a cliffhanger but it got a continuation in some webcomics, which I didn’t know about until now. The show, by today’s standards, looks terrible but back in the 90’s… looked okay at best. It was fun during the first season and halfway through the second season, it got really good. It stopped being episodic and started having a continuing story and the characters developed into people I cared about. Mind you, I was 11 when this show came out so my grasp of deep characterization wasn’t quite what it is today, but it still got me more interested in the show.

I want to rewatch this show for nostalgia sake but at the same time, I want to leave it where it is. In my memory, where it’s perfect. I don’t want to rewatch a show I loved only to learn how cheesy it really was, like old Power Rangers episodes. Maybe one day I’ll visit Mainframe again and watch Bob, Dot, and Enzo fights the User, Megabyte, and Hexadecimal. Today is not that day. Maybe tomorrow.



A show that I feel that is forgotten is Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling. How forgotten is it? Well, you cannot access it on DVD, it’s only available on VHS, Yeesh! Even the WWE network doesn’t have it as an option to watch as of yet. I remember watching Saturday Morning Cartoons in the ’80’s and this was definitely one of the shows I was glued to. I watched not for Hogan, but for others like the Junkyard Dog and Roddy Piper. Hell, I even had the toys from the show. I would watch with my Junkyard Dog action figure and just laugh my butt off. Sure the show was short-lived (only 2 seasons), but it brought joy to many wrestling fans. I kinda wish they would do a modern take just to see what ideas they could come up with. I can easily imagine characters like Goldust and the New Day making a successful transition to the animated world. Sure, if Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling came out on DVD tomorrow, I would grab a copy. The jokes may not seem as funny as they did in ’85, but the nostalgia alone would be worth every penny.

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