So a little less than a year ago my Xbox 360 red ringed on me, the third 360 I
might add, and at the time I didn’t have the funds to go buy a new on and after
days of trying to fix my 360 that was out of warrantee myself I gave up.   Then
the Microsoft gods graced us with the new Xbox 360.  It has a 250gb hd, its
smaller, comes with built in wireless n, and biggest selling point Microsoft
swears that it will shut its self down before it red rings.  So of course being
Xboxless I threw away old busted and went and purchased the new hotness.  Less
than 6 months after buying the console I have already sent it back once.
Apparently instead of making a fully stable system the decided just to focus on
the red ring issue by making the CPU and GPU a single chip and adding a more
efficient fan.  Well as I read about it, I see that yeah the system won’t red
ring due to shutting its self off prior to freezing.  But what it will do is
cause the power brick light to turn red and stop working, this is now being
called the red brick of death.  I could deal with that, the problem I keep
running into is the DVD drive.  What happens is it will let me play and get into
the game then all the sudden it tells me clean disc error even with new games
like Fallout New Vegas.  And the best part I just received the repaired console
back and after about an hour of New Vegas it has started again.

My suggestion is if you are looking to get a new 360 buy the original one it was
more reliable at least you could get a good year and a half out of it before it
red rings.  I give this new console a four out of five on the Bag O Dicks meter
for having the same if not more problems.

P.S.   Hey Microsoft…… You have beaten Sony over and over again in the gaming
field.  How about instead of rushing a product to have it out to compete with
others you fire everyone of your peace of shit quality control and product
testing employees and hire some real gamers who can really test the system and
make a console that fucking works

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