Marvel has set the universe on fire yet again with  a new pulse-pounding summer event.  Original Sin has been teased about for months and we have finally been given the task of trying to figure out exactly who shot the Watcher.  For those of you who do not know, the Watcher is an important figure in the Marvel Universe.  His name is Uatu and he is a Watcher.  Exactly what does that mean?  Well, imagine the universe is just one big experiment and Uatu is the scientist that makes observations throughout the entire experiment since the beginning of time.  His task is to watch, never to interfere, but watch. There have been times, when Uatu has stepped in and did more than watch, especially when humans were in danger.  He has developed a kinship with Earth and its inhabitants, thus he watches us very closely.

So, the question comes up, who can “ambush” someone who is always watching.  As you read issue #1 of Original Sin, you realize that Uatu was not surprised, in fact he let the killer know that he saw him.  However, who is the killer?  Who would want to cause harm to someone who has helped save the human race in the past?  Well, that is what the Avengers are trying to figure out.  Oh, did I mention the original Nick Fury is also on the case?  Well, he is.  There is also another “team” on the hunt for the killer.  Their boss has yet to be identified, but the teams consists of characters such as Dr. Strange, Ant-man, Emma Frost, and my favorites Moon Knight and the Punisher.  Which team will solve the mystery first?  That is an interesting question, but more importantly I want to know Who Shot the Watcher?

Original Sin #1 is a great start to what promises to be an amazing event from Marvel.  I was very impressed with the story in a nutshell.  The writing is outstanding and the artwork is amazing!  Marvel got it right with this book.  I could have easily went into more detail about things that happened in the first issue, but I want you to read it and see for your self how awesome this book is.  I give issue #1 of Original Sin a strong 10 out of 10.  I could go to 11, but I want to save that rating for when I read issue #2.  Until next time, don’t forget to get your READ on!



Skottie Young variant for issue #1

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