It’s a Trap!!!!

Family Guy’s third parody about Star Wars covers Return of the Jedi this time .The last two were pretty funny with a few hit or miss moments but over all good . It’s a Trap comes out on Blue-ray and DVD on December 21 , so it will be out right before Christmas (hint hint.)…

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His Name Is Irvin Kershner

The world lost a great man on November 27,  director Irvin Kershner. You may not know his name but you should know his work. He has directed only a few movies which include James Bond’s Never Say Never Again and Robocop 2, but the reason I know him is Star Wars. He took over for…

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Rumors have been floating around that is soon to be sold off, because of its hemorrhaging funds due to corporate collapse and in-fighting.  Though evidence supporting this has yet to surface, there was a rash of resignations and firings within‘s corporate office. It was also discovered that has been ‘donating’ your personal…

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New Vegas DLC

Oh its great to be a Xbox owner . New DLC for one of the greatest games this year comes  exclusively on Xbox LIVE . It will be here December 21 and for more info on it here is a link to the announcement from Bethesda.

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It’s Never Been This Easy To Register Your Supernatural Self

Thankfully our fellow metahuman, writer Snarfkris stumbled on this registration service. What makes me want to register even more is that you have the option of having them mail you actual credentials, so you may frame them. So the next time that some jerk from the Belmont clan or that bitch Buffy breaks down that…

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New 360, Improvement Or Failure?

So a little less than a year ago my Xbox 360 red ringed on me, the third 360 I might add, and at the time I didn’t have the funds to go buy a new on and after days of trying to fix my 360 that was out of warrantee myself I gave up.   Then…

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Obey the Dark Lord.

For those of you who didn’t follow up on my last nerdcore post and immediately youtube the artists listed there, I’ll make sure you get to experience the nerdcore artists I’ve enjoyed for some time. This is Schaffer the Dark Lord (a.k.a. STD) in his introductory video to both describe and practice his unmistakable style….

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