Raz’s Midnight Macabre Horror Review: Resident Evil Overview

Well folks, there you have it. The entire “Resident Evil” franchise review.

It’s been a nightmare looking back over this franchise.

As a game I was a huge fan in the beginning but even after a while the games lost their way, it’s nothing new but that first game still holds a special place for me and it always will. I’m not the biggest gamer out there but I know what I like and that game opened up a whole new world to me, as I know it did for many other people and many of them became Horror fans.

Believe it or not the “Resident Evil” franchise is the first horror franchise in history to cross over one billion dollars in total making it the highest grossing series of horror films of all time. How can such garbage make that amount of money? It seriously boggles my mind that this was the franchise to set that benchmark, I hope something decent beats it and soon.

Funnily enough after the first two films were savaged by the press they stopped being screened for critics, I’ve always seen this as a cowardly move and even if your film is garbage (which this film series most definitely is) then you should be ready for the backlash that comes with it. I wonder if this was a move by the studios or a request from Writer/Director Paul W.S. Anderson.

“Resident Evil” as a brand is still big money, there’s the films and games there’s also been books, comics and even fully animated films which were actually fun and better than the live action films. Funnily enough after the series ended, not even a month after, it was announced the entire series was being rebooted with James Wan at the helm this time. This could be interesting…

As a franchise “Resident Evil” is just a vanity project that doesn’t know what it wanted to be.

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I have an obsession with all things Horror and it's an honour to share my passion with you all!



I have an obsession with all things Horror and it's an honour to share my passion with you all!