Well folks, there you have it. The entire “Urban Legend” franchise review.

It’s been interesting looking back over this franchise.

Believe it or not 2018 marks twenty years since “Urban Legend” was released, I’ll let that sink in for a minute, T-W-E-N-T-Y  Y-E-A-R-S! That makes me feel seriously old. Despite the age of the film it’s still a highly entertaining feature, though admittedly it is watched through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. I still enjoy viewing it from time to time to remind me of those days.

After the third film was released Sony sold the rights to the franchise and a fourth installment was planned, called “Urban Legends: Goldfield Murders” to follow the supernatural turn the series took. However, after impressive DVD sales of “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”, Sony bought back the rights to the franchise. The film was later released under the title “Ghosts of Goldfield” (I do not recommend it!).

I’ve always thought that films such as “Urban Legend”, “I know What You Did Last Summer” and the like are great places to start for teenagers wanting to get into the Horror genre, despite me being raised on 80’s Slashers I feel I was spoiled and these tween Horrors are a good foundation to test the waters to see if it’s the right thing for you.

I also think that if “Urban Legend” was to ever get the reboot treatment then I’d like to see it get a TV series instead of a film, they could explore so many legends and folk tales and I think that would be interesting to see if done. This was the third films ultimate downfall, the film has nothing to do with the actual legend of ‘Bloody Mary’ or what she supposedly does when summoned, she was not a threat.

The “Urban Legend” series, the first two films are fun but skip the third and thank me later.

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