A film school is the center of a fresh spate of killings based on urban legends.

We’re used to sequels by now so it was with no shock that that this film was released.

With the film being released just two years after the original it had a chance to still grab it’s demographic audience and it shows throughout the movie that this was kept in mind, it’s also obvious that they’ve tried rehashing the successful parts of the first film. You can’t blame them for doing that, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, that’s how they work.

What I like to do with this film is play ‘spot the cliche’, it’s lots of fun and can be played with friends, hell it can even be turned into a drinking game. It’s simple really, every time you see a Horror cliche play out on-screen you take a drink. I must warn you though that by the time the film has finished you will be very drunk, possibly unconscious.

It may sound harsh and I don’t mean to be, in all honesty it’s actually quite a fun sequel if not taken to seriously but compared to the first film it is mediocre. There are some genuinely funny moments throughout but the film lacks the intensity and suspense we witnessed before but it’s still an entertaining watch though (drinking game makes it even better).

All in all there’s not really much to say, as I have stated it’s a mediocre sequel that lacks the key ingredients that made “Urban Legend” a success. The acting is, mediocre, the script is, mediocre… you get the idea. There are a couple of decent death scenes but nothing that would satisfy gore fans, though what do you really expect from a tween Horror movie?

“Urban Legends: Final Cut” is what you expect really, nothing to shout about but fun enough nonetheless.

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

The ice in the bathtub scene was actually made of silicon and very heavy. The kidney used in this scene was actually a goat’s kidney.

Originally set to film on the campus of the University of Western Ontario, was turned down by the administration because of its violent nature.

The campus used during filming was Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

The snow storm seen in the film was completely unexpected.

The music that’s played during the credits is the theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955).

The opening sequence in the film was originally supposed to take place on a boat. During a location scout, they found the airplane set and decided to revise the script. As it turns out, the original boat sequence was originally inspired by the airplane sequence in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983).

The film was shot in 47 days, 10 days fewer than the predecessor.

The sequence with Lisa (Jacinda Barrett) was filmed months after principal photography was completed. It was decided after the film was done that a death scene needed to occur much earlier in the film. This is why the character is never mentioned before or after her appearance. Anson Mount actually had to wear a wig during this sequence because he had cut his hair significantly since.

The role of Vanessa was originally much smaller in the initial script, but John Ottman liked the character so much that he expanded her role.

Since the campus used as Alpine University in the film didn’t have an actual bell tower, a 150 ft. tower was built at an estimated $150,000.00. All of the interiors were done on a separate stage and the actual bell was papier-mâché.

A picture of Professor Solomon’s parents is seen on his desk. The picture is actually of John Ottman’s parents.

The sequence in which Reese gives Amy a ride to the library was the last scene shot in the film.

The character of P.A. Kevin was based on an actual student at USC where John Ottman, Paul Harris Boardman, and Scott Derrickson attended.

Anson Mount originally auditioned for the role of Travis/Trevor.

During the sound-stage sequence where Amy hides under the piano, it was John Ottman’s idea to have the killer come in and play some low chords at the piano.

Jessica Cauffiel’s character Sandra prior to her on-set death urban legend was to appear as a coma patient on ER. Ironically fellow female main character and film victim Vanessa Valdeon portrayed by Eva Mendes appeared on an episode of ER.

Jennifer Morrison was in another horror movie. (Stir of Echoes- Opposite of Kevin Bacon)

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