A woman finds an interest in her friend Brandon’s Ouija Board when he brings it by her party.

You voted for it, you got it! This should be interesting!


The ouija board seems to have been revitalised over the last few years but once upon a time they were featured very heavily in film and tv, anything to do with the supernatural and you could bet that the board would be present. It wasn’t anything new but it was the go to thing for explaining the strange events that occur throughout the film.

I first seeing this film in the 90’s, I remember finding it entertaining but dated and I recently had to rewatch it for these reviews as I’d not seen it in such a long time. I was shocked at how much I still enjoyed it despite the fact that it had admittedly aged terribly and was a lot more suspenseful and a great story than I had recollected, it was such a nice surprise.


The acting isn’t exactly the greatest you’ll see but it doesn’t hamper the film at all, it’s the sort of thing you’re used to if to if you’ve watched a lot of 80’s mid budget Horror films. The only cast member I knew of was Tawny Kitaen who I remembered as ‘the lady from the Whitesnake video’ an 80’s crush for many people. She was pretty good in this feature, it’s a shame she didn’t do more Horror stuff.

The film was written and directed by Kevin Tenney, this was his debut feature film and it showed the potential he had as he went on to do “Night Of The Demons” and cult film “Pinocchio’s Revenge”. Unfortunately he’s had quite a sporadic career but at least we have this film, I applaud him for not relying on gore and nudity and actually using the story as the driving force of the film.


In my opinion “Witchboard” is an underrated film that deserves more recognition, give it another watch and see for yourself. Never seen it before? See what you’ve been missing out on.


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