Scott C. puts it pretty simply in his introduction,”Movies love conflict.”   Seemingly a self explanatory picture book at first glance, THE GREAT SHOWDOWNS, by Scott C., is a collection of these collisions everyone should see.  With foreword by Neil Patrick Harris, a bit of excitement is added for the reader before he thumbs through a congregation of iconic moments in film history.  Most the fun is in sharing this with friends and seeing which of you is the biggest cinephile, as none of the prints are labelled (well over a 100 in all.)  I sat in a room entertaining 5 other adults for nearly an hour attempting to solve the more obscure portraits with our nerdy braintrust, everyone appreciating the goofy little characters all the way through.   This compendium of iconic confrontations in silly, yet skilled, watercolor animation is well worth taking a look at and would strongly suit any coffee table to help spread the fun.

All of us here at SWN would like to thank Titan Books (HERE for their website and HERE for their Facebook page) for letting us take a look at The Great Showdowns. If you’re interested in the book HERE is a direct link to buy it.


Randall Spiess

<p>During my incubation period, the world could barely withstand the strain as it shook with anticipation. My arrival was met with devastation to Mexico and Argentina via earthquake, Canada was ripped through by a swarm of tornadoes, and Hurricane Gloria mangled the east coast of North America. It was as though the elements were sounding the arrival of their king with all the vigor they could muster. Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name?</p>