As we know in the world of comics, as well as the real world, all good things must come to an end.  That is what I take away from issue #27 of the Thunderbolts.  I have been really enjoying the team that Marvel put together for this version of the Thunderbolts, but the team had to end just like the Thunderbolts of the past.  You see time is running out on the Thunderbolts comics as Marvel is making changes to their universe.  How will the Thunderbolts disband?  Well, a war with the Punisher of course.  Let me start from the beginning.

The Avengers are involved in a major battle with large monsters.  What they don’t know is, that there is a team of mercs with weapons capable of stopping all the Avengers dead in their tracks.  What the assassins don’t know is that the Thunderbolts are on their tail and they are easily disposed off.  During clean-up, they find out the mastermind of it all and decide to introduce themselves.  It is at this moment they come across a powerful man named Dr. Faustus.  The doctors gift are of the mind control variety.  Frank wants to kill him but General Ross says no and Frank decides to quit the team.  He knows what needs to be done but Ross disagrees.  Well, Frank was going to leave well enough alone until he found an explosive device in his fridge and appears to be blown to bits.


Enter issue #28, we see the same battle but from the Avengers’ perspective.  It turns out Hawkeye saw something on top of one of the buildings during the battle with the monsters.  He leads the Avengers to the rooftop and thanks to graffiti from Deadpool, they were able to determine that the Punisher was involved.  So, they locate Frank’s safe house only to find it blown o bits.  Hawkeye is also spotted by Elektra who thinks Clint had something to do with Frank’s death.  Hawkeye convinces her it wasn’t him so she goes back to HQ to question Ross.  While Ross and Elektra are in a heated argument, they hear gun shots. Could it be Frank?  When they investigate, they find the Leader as well as Dr. Faustus dead as a door nail and the Hulk gun is missing.  This war is far from over.

If you are a die hard Punisher fan, you should have already started reading the Thunderbolts comic, but I especially suggest you check out the rest of the series starting at issue #27.  This story arc gets a rating of 11 out of 10 so far and I cannot wait until I get my hands on issue #29.  Until next time, get your READ on!  Oh, that graffiti I was talking about, I decided to throw in a pic for you to see.  And yes, Wade wrote Punisher Sucks with the blood from the mercs they killed.  (Only Deadpool, LoL)


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