The SomewhatNerdy Twitch channel is now up, running, and streaming nightly. Currently Hurc is on at 8pm CST every night streaming Destiny, more streamers and times to come soon. Be sure to stop by and show some love at

On the 15th of September at 5pm CST, Hurc will be streaming the new Destiny expansion The Taken King. Come by and show some support and check out the newest addition to this game that we play so much.

We are big fans of Destiny here at SWN. If you are a Destiny Xbox One player and are looking for some help, another raid member, or just looking to do some patrols hit up Hurc and Snarfkris. We are always looking to help people out.

Here is Hurc’s first flawless raid. Sorry about the one sided conversations this was one of our first streams and the audio wasn’t 100% set up yet.

Watch live video from SomewhatnerdyTV on Twitch

<p>What to write, what to write. Well I have always been behind the scenes here at doing various things but never really felt like I was doing enough to claim to be apart of SomeWhatNerdy. Well my fellow nerds that ends now. I’ve had my hand in the majority of the SomeWhatNerdy YouTube page and now its time for me to step up and support the growth of the website. I’ve always been a nerd at heart. I love video games and all kinds of new technology so you can expect to see my posts reflect that. Hope you enjoy the site and remember “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”</p>