I have been waiting months to write this review.  Imagine it is 1986, and you are a 13 year old boy and you are fan of wrestling.  Now imagine this adolescent boy accidentally coming across a wrestling program where it is only women that wrestle.  What do you have?  You have an instant fan, that’s what.  The Gorgeous Ladies of  Wrestling aka G.L.O.W. was a visionary take on wrestling which stayed on the airwaves from 1986-1990.  I say visionary because after G.L.O.W., women started to get more chances in organizations such as the WWE and WCW.  I feel that if it wasn’t for G.L.O.W., that ladies wrestling may have not been brought to the forefront so soon.  I mean, the women’s revolution in the WWE just happened in the past few years, but they did have the divas division before that.

So, how do you honor the original women’s revolution?  Well, you make a Netflix original series about the climb to the top using talented actors and actresses as well as having the insight from real wrestlers.  Kia Stevens is a regular on the show known as Tamme’ “the Welfare Queen” Dawson, but you may remember her best from her days in TNA/Impact Wrestling as Awesome Kong.  Carlito and Tyrus play brothers to Britney Young’s Machu Pichu character.  Hell, they even got John Morrison to play a trainer known as Salty Johnson in a couple of episodes. Oh, and an added bonus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian wrestled at a show that some of the ladies went to.  The main event at this wrestling show put Joey Ryan verses Alex Riley.  So, the show is worth watching for the wrestling nerdgasms alone, LoL.

The show is a work of fiction that ties into reality.  The parts that are true are the struggles and the organization that is G.L.O.W.  The fiction comes from the names of the characters and the tied in stories.  When you see the show, you will know what I mean.  I do not want to spoil this show because I actually want you to see it and experience it for yourself.  I was lucky enough to watch G.L.O.W. when it first appeared so I was witness to the visionary writing and talent that made people realize that women are great wrestlers and it just wasn’t a man’s sport.  I am sure there are men who only watched the show due to the outfits from some of the characters, but I feel it G.L.O.W deserves more credit than it gets.  That’s why I feel this series is a step in the right direction.  I give the show a strong 8 out of 10 count for the series.  I hope it gets renewed for another season.  So, go ahead on go on a Netflix binge.  You will be glad you did.

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