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Words cannot express how honored I am to have spoken with the man for which which this interview revolves around.  I wanted to do something special for Halloween like always, and boy did I hit the jackpot.  I titled this interview Welcome to the Bite Club for one simple reason.  I am a follower of Kevin Fertig, the former WWE Superstar known as Kevin Thorn.  The Bite Club is his following and I know that after reading this article, you will be to.  When you finish reading the article, make sure to check Kevin out on Social Media and get some of his gear, I know I will.  So, without further delay, here is my interview with the Great Kevin Fertig.

Kevin with Ariel

Derf: First of all, let me tell you that interviewing you is a true honor. I was, hell, still am a huge fan of Mordecai as well as your run as Kevin Thorn in ECW.

KF: Thank you

Derf: When you first debuted in the WWE as Mordecai, it almost appeared that you and Taker would be fighting each other forever. I can imagine you two still battling it out today. What led to the decision for Mordecai to “disappear” so quickly after his debut?

KF: Not much to say except legal issues got in the way.


Derf: Let’s fast forward to your appearance in ECW as Kevin Thorn. I absolutely loved your reign as Kevin Thorn! How was Kevin Thorn born?

KF: Basically, after I signed back with the WWE Tommy Dreamer was in charge of the ECW phase of the WWE and he asked me if I was interested in playing a character. You see, the SyFy channel wanted a vampire. It was original supposed to be Gangrel with Ariel, but that didn’t work out and Tommy asked me if I was interested. I was like, Heck yeah I am interested! I am a big fan of anything vampire and it was my ticket back in the game.

Derf: How did it feel to be such a crucial member of the ECW/WWE locker room? I mean you were there with CM Punk and Elijah Burke when things really started coming alive for the WWE once again.

KF: It was Awesome! There were so many young guys proving they could take it to the next level. We were hungry and wanted to prove that we should be on RAW and Smackdown as well. We definitely proved ourselves.

Kevin Thorne P-1167

Derf: What is your favorite match in your career? It doesn’t necessarily have to be when you were in the WWE.

KF: I have a lot of favorite wrestling matches. Of course I have to say Wrestlemania because, well its Wrestlemania and it was an awesome experience. It was the ECW Originals versus the New Breed at Wrestlemania 23. Then there are the matches I had with Stevie Richards where we beat the crap out each other. I also have some favorite matches with the likes of Tommy dreamer as well as RVD.
But my favorite match so far was with a wrestler by the name of Christopher Travis. It was the time I had just left the WWE and was back on the INDY scene. We tore the house down with some of our battles. It was him and me going out there getting the crowd into our rivalry.

Derf: What have you been doing since your days in the WWE?

KF: Well, I have a business in Indianapolis. Basically, I have been on hiatus or hidden in the bat cave for the past few years. Now I am ready to reappear and have some fun. I just needed to stay away and watch my kids grow up. I had to get my priorities in line. I left but I am back better than ever. I have been doing some appearances and autograph signing here and there. But like I said earlier, I had to take time off and make my family my priority. Family is a big deal for me. Now, I am at that point where I can prove to the world that I still have it.

Derf: If you could wrestle with anyone, (past, present, or future) who would it be and why?

KF: The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt. Taker because I am a big fan and have much respect. Bray Wyatt simply because we have similar styles, especially in the promo area. I had the Hear Me, Fear Me slogan where as he is the new face of fear. I think I could have fit in with the Wyatts or at leasthave some classic battles.  It would be fun for sure.


Derf: Your characters Mordecai and Thorn were meant to strike fear, with that said, did you ever think of taking your character to the big screen?

KF: Love to, still would. I feel I have the character that could develop for the screen. Take the show Gotham for example, 20 episodes into it and I am amazed and love the character development. I would love to be on a show like that.

Derf: Have you pondered coming back to the WWE?

Never say never in the business. If an opportunity was to arise, I would definitely grab it by the horns. Wrestling takes a lot out of you, don’t get me wrong, but the opportunity to be back on televisionsharing my passion with the fans is always welcome.

Derf: Do you have anything that you would like to promote at this time?

KF: Of course! I recently branched out with ( ) . 

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Derf: Is there anything you would like to say to all the Kevin Thorn fans out there?

KF: Hit me up on Social Media. I look forward to seeing my fans. I have been in the bat cave long enough, 3 years is too long. It is time again that I embrace my people.

Derf: When you are not wrestling, what are your interests?

Reading comic books, I mean when you wrestle you are basically your own comic book character brought to life. I love shows like Gotham, the Flash, and the Walking Dead. By the way, Glenn is still alive and that is all I have to say about that. I also enjoy going to the cinema. I like things larger than life so I will go see a film I want to see in the theaters. I just saw the Last Witchhunter and thought it was pretty good.

Derf: As stated earlier, you have been known as a creature of the night. With that said, how do you plan on spending your Halloween?

KF: Well, I really enjoy brewing beer with my neighbor. So we are going to brew beer all day. This year, I am going to get in the back of a friend’s squad car with cuffs on my wrists and scream at people to let me out the car to see what kind of reactions I get. I mean that is what Halloween is all about. Pranks and having a good time with your friends.


I want to thank Kevin for taking the time to sit and talk with me for this interview.  Go like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.  I am looking forward to working with Kevin again and again.  If you haven’t already, check out our latest Nerd Talk to hear more from Kevin.

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