Every once in a while I love to get in touch with cosplayers that I have interviewed in the past to catch up with them and see what they have been up to.  I like to call these posts :Where are they now?’.  Today’s feature is with the lovely and talented Jessica Nova.  It has been a few years since I interviewed her about her cosplay, so let’s catch up shall we?

1. It has been years since I first interviewed you, how have you been?

It has been a long time! I’m good, busy as ever, always a new project to work on so I’m certainly never bored.

2. What new cosplays have you done since the last time we spoke?

Gosh I’m not sure. Currently I’m working on Enchantress and a new Harley Quinn suit both to be completed after surgery. I’m also working on a full set of inner scouts (either making them or helping on some of them) for a group of us at MyGeekGoddess. Soon to be in the works though is a Fem Winter Soldier though I’m having a lot of that made for me.

3. Out of all your past cosplays, do you have a favorite?

Harley Quinn absolutely. I think she will have some competition as my favorite though once I finish a full version Sailor Moon. But then again, I’m very drawn to Enchantress…and that costume has latex, leather and armor.


4. I also know you do work with a site known as Geek Goddess, how did that come about?

I’m actually co owner. It’s my baby. I think MyGeekGoddess is one of the best things to happen to nerd girl nude modeling. We strive to be positive and take care of our girls. We operate different than other sites, our applications aren’t always open and we are still very young and lack some of the bells and whistles, but our quality is outstanding and we really try to make sure each set is better than the last. We also have the best group of models and photographers I could ask for. I had stopped enjoying nude modeling previously and now I couldn’t be more excited

5. What can we expect next from you on Geek Goddess?

My next GeekGoddess set will probably be Black Alice. We shot that late last year and it’s time for it to go live I think lol. But I have a latex Harley set and Ice from DC comics waiting in the wings as well.

6. What has been your favorite Geek Goddess photo shoot?

My favorite of mine or in general? In general it’s tough, I really thing all the girls are stunning. I really have a girl crush on Kearstin though, so her sets usually grab my attention and her Lilith is my favorite. It’s been almost a year since she’s shot a new set but she’s getting ready to come back with a vengeance. She’s a natural beauty, but I always look forward to what Kassandra will do next as well, her sets are just mind blowingly stunning and she’s gorgeous. But if I had to pick one set out of all of them, I would pick Solara’s Leia or Alice’s Dawn. Out of mine? My solo Harley set is the one I think I shine the most.


7. What can we expect from you in the future?

Hmmm well I’ll always be creating new things. I will mostly do customs of film content for my Superhero fetish store. (clips4sale.com/66247) and I do a good bit of filming atleast once or twice a year for Dawnstar Productions (www.clips4sale.com/store/15369)

Beyond that I still film lots of fetish stuff and focus less on costuming commissions and have been doing wigs for awhile now. I simply love working on wigs. Hopefully big things, that’s what you can expect

8. What comic titles are you currently reading?

I’m reading Loki Agent of Asgard and Harley’s solo series. I am looking forward to the relaunch of Suicide Squad and will probably read that. I’m also reading the current X-men saga but only as the trades come out so I’m a little behind.

9. Do you have a favorite video game that you are playing at the moment?

Pokemon. I play atleast a little every single night with the husband. It’s our jam.

10. If you could work with any cosplayer (that you have not worked with yet), who would it be?

I would love to cosplay with Jessica Nigiri, and I’d love to pay her lots of money to be a GeekGoddess hahaha! But also, I’d love to cosplay with Ryoko Demon, Mel from Wind of the Stars and HezaChan.  

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Well, that concludes my interview with Jessica. She also wanted me to mention the Geek Goddess 2015 Calendar kick off. See the image below for the details. Also, be sure to check her out on FB as well as her Geek Goddess site. Until next time, unleash your inner NERD!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thejessicanova 

Geek Goddess: www.mygeekgoddess.com (NSFW)


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