Still with me? Of course you are. Because you love movies and you love Christmas. So welcome back my friends to Billiam’s 12 Flicks of Christmas. If you’re playing along at home then that means you’ve watched the following movies:

  1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
  2. Gremlins
  3. A Christmas Story
  4. Krampus.

And now welcome to day five. This film is one from last year directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck who directed Blades of Glory and The Switch. That should give you an idea regarding what kind of movie we have on our hands this week. My list celebrates a plethora of genres and this is the raunchy comedy on the list.  This movie can easily be put in the same category as 21 Jump Street, Daddy’s Home, and Bad Moms. If you couldn’t already tell, the movie for today is Office Christmas Party.

When I made this list I didn’t realize just how many comedies were on it. I just picked movies I liked and ones that I felt like watching this holiday season that also had a heavy dosing of holiday spirit. Though I like to think each movie I picked is different, a lot of them are funny. This movie isn’t a classic. Not at all. It wasn’t even that well received when it came out. But I wanted to put this on this year’s list because it’s the last movie you’d expect to have a nice Christmas message.

Office Christmas Party is a by the books raunchy comedy. It goes over the top with it’s jokes and situations. A million things converge on the same night at the same place and it all turns into the perfect storm of debauchery and hilarity. I admit, this is one some people may skip. These kinds of comedies aren’t for everyone and I fully understand that, but I’d like you to at least give it a try.

This film stars T.J. Miller (Deadpool), Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), a not terrible Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Jennifer Aniston (Friends), Kate McKinnon (2016’s Ghostbusters), Courtney B. Vance (American Crime Story), Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street), Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital), and Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat). And has a large team of writers who’ve worked on movies like The HangoverRole Models, and Bad Moms.

How about a very basic premise. CLay Vanstone is a very laid back boss and his sister Carol is going to shut down the branch of her company that did the worst at the end of the year. Clay has one shot. He decides to throw an epic Christmas party against the wishes of his sister, in the hopes of impressing a huge client. The party is the last chance for his branch of the company.

What makes this a great Christmas movie is the setting. It’s at a, wait for it, office Christmas party. So there’s always decorations and people dressed up to help you remember yes, this is a Christmas movie even though there’s cocaine falling like snow. This film also has familiar characters in it. While they’re not carbon copies, you have seen these archetypes in other films. This movie feels familiar even though it’s only been around for about a year.

I laughed. A lot. I liked the characters, I liked the story, and it put me in the Christmas mood. This isn’t one to put on your list each and every year. Take this and shelve it and every few years dust it off, watch it, enjoy it, and then put it back where it belongs. On your shelf, but close at hand.

You’ll notice that the early movies on my list are all quite adult with the exception of A Christmas Story, but fear not. More family friendly movies are on their way (except for one must have rated R film that’s yet to come), but for now, keep this film to yourself.

I believe that if you give Office Christmas Party a shot, you’ll enjoy it. So sit back and get ready to laugh.